Superbike 2010/2011 - The offical book

Italiano: Superbike 2010/2011 - Il libro ufficale
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English: Superbike 2010/2011 - The offical book
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Size: 24.3x27 cm - Pagea: 192 - Photos: 2 in b/w and 283 in colour - Hardbound with jacket - Text: English

The World Superbike Championship is for real enthusiasts, those able to appreciate the closeness of its motorcycles to those that travel the public roads every day. And it is precisely the derivations from production road bikes that have always been one of the aspects of maximum interest for those who live the races, not as show business but as manifestations of technology and sportsmanship.
The 2010 championship, in which seven manufacturers competed officially, was made up of 13 races that took place on four continents (Europe, Africa, America and Australia) and, in the end, saw the success of an Italian team in Aprilia and an Italian rider, Max Biaggi. The official 2010/2011 book illustrates the championship with really spectacular and exciting pictures, not only of the news shot variety but also with photographs of the environment, lifting the ‘curtain’ on the happenings backstage.
And ample space has been devoted to technology.